Saturday, February 9, 2008

I miss everything good!

So here I am at work, trying to mind my own business. The group performing tonight is Peru Negro, a touring group that performs traditional Peruvian folk music accompanied by dance. The group arrived around 2pm and its been utter chaos. A constant parade of people have been in and out all day from the bus to the stage. The bus is right outside and its loud. Louder still is the group whose soundcheck has been horrendous. Then the good stuff happened and I missed it.
Some of the dancers had some sort of issue. A circle formed and then two guys started beating the living hell out of one another. Our house manager bolted up here to call an ambulance. She tells me that a dancer was hurt, so I assumed he fell or twisted an ankle or something. Turns out it was a musician and it looked like he was hit by a brick! He was bleeding from the head!
Now the ambulance is here and the police have showed up, too.
I hate cops. Anyone who knows me understand my strange history with the police. I'm not a fan. One of them just approached me a minute ago, saying "Hey! Y'all still got Saturday matinees? I think I might like to see a matinee!". Stupid.
Anyway, I missed this whole beat down. I'm bummed.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta watch out for those Peruvian dancers, apparently. Sorry you missed the action, but I'm glad no errant bricks came crashing through your window. Yowza. -- Sam