Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm just working for the man

Work, work and more work. C'est ma vie.

I have been reluctant to post because mostly I have been doing nothing other than working.

The Lord Bowler show at The Boot last weekend was pretty great and I send big thanks to all the wonderful friends who came out to show their love. We may do another small event in November, so please put Nov 29th on your calendar for a tentative date!

Season 1of the television show Heroes started off great but became a convoluted mess. McDowell didn't show up until episode 18 and he was gone by episode 23. I think he shows up again later, but I can't bring myself to trudge through anymore of that show. McDowell's body of work is great enough that I don't feel the need to suffer through more of Heroes.

So here I am, at work of course. Hello. I also didn't want to post because I liked seeing the photo below at the top of my blog. I don't wish to be so obnoxious as to keep posting that photo with every entry, though it has crossed my mind! I've written my first McDowell-inspired song. I thought every song I ever wrote post Sept 6th would be about him, but I think perhaps I only have an album or two's worth in me. I still have Matt, friends, toys and much more to inspire me!

Oh, and my 7th "birthday" was awesome thanks to my most wonderful husband. ♥

Saturday, October 10, 2009

True love

DragonCon was more than I could have ever asked for- more than I anticipated. I got to meet Mr. Malcolm McDowell- the love of my life. I don't think I've ever looked so happy as I do in the picture above (big thanks to Brian for the picture). I think that we make a lovely couple. What more could I ask for than to be wrapped in the arms of Malcolm McDowell?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Karate Dog

I actually got my whole family to suffer through this with me and it was AWESOME.